Why Should We Consume Olives ?

Why Should We Consume Olives ?

All the olives we consume in black and gree are presented to us as a source of healing.By the mighty wound we are a gift ton mankind.Olive is one of the oldest tress in the history of mankind and is based on the date of 6000 before the milat.According to research,Olive was not used as food in ancient times , and olive seems to be a sacred fruit and is used in religious works,and it is also very common for health and fuel use.

İn addition,the word olives is often used by the creator in all the scriptures.İn short, olive is the biggest and most valuable gift of the creature to us mankind.İn fact the olives have so much benefit that we can count when we count.Here we will try to count only the major benefits of olives.

-There are many vitamins and minerals within the olive oil.People who consume olives are particularly benefiting from these vitamins and minerals.

-In people who consume regular olives the large intestine decreases the risk of devoloping prostate and pancreatic cancer in the stomach.

-Has a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

-The olives pretects the liver and also has the effecr of strengthening the bones.

-Olive is an antioxidant.

-The problem of constipation is eliminated in people who consume regular olives.

-Olives is effective in the study of the digestive system.

-Olives re very effective against parasites that negatively affect our lives,such as viruses and bacteria.

-It also remakes the olive cells and allows us to gain a more vigorous and youtful appearance.

-The problem of high blood pressure due to olive oil contained in olives is known for the positive effect of people living in hypertension.

-Studies heve proven that olives decrease cholesterol.-As a result of the researches made, olives are as beneficial as an antioxidant that fights cancer and Alzheimer’s disease with the vitamins and minerals it contains.

-Olive is the most important food in slimming regimen thanks to its high fiber rate.

-There is also a direct positive effect in preventing the formation of olives.

-Olive removes anemia and strengthens the reprpductive system.

-It has the abilityto protect the immune system in cold winter days and prevention of diseases.

-People who consume olives have increased by around % 25 compared to those not consumed in their memory.İn short olives strengthens memory.

-Consuming olives makes the skin healthier and also indicates that it has retarding properties.

-Thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains 5-10 olives are eaten before meals,and the body send a feeling of toughness.The benefits listed above are only the main benefits of olives.These benefits have been seen as a result of many research related to olive.It is worth noting that we should use the treatment of medicinal foods such as olives and olives for treatment and not for therapeutic purposes in any of our discomfort.




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