Ripe (Black) Olive Processing (Flavoring)

Ripe (Black) Olive Processing (Flavoring)

Ripe (Black) Olive Processing (Flavoring)

The ripe olive is generally made with the olives picked from Gemlik type of olive trees. The most prominent characteristics of Gemlik type of olives are their thin-skinned structures, small seeds and fleshy structures. Besides, Gemlik type of olives are more solid and resistant to hot and cold than the other types of olives. A processed and packed Gemlik Ripe Olive doesn’t ever lose anything from its unique taste and characteristics for a long time. The ripe olive is the type that the whole world prefers and consumes fondly and that appeals to the taste of everyone.

Ripe olive (Gemlik olive) are placed into the pools filled with salty water and gets flavored without using any chemicals. That’s the reason why, Gemlik type of ripe olives are preferred mostly in our country and in all over the world. As no chemical is used, it’s 100% natural.

A pressure, namely some weight is applied on the olives, which are placed in the pools with pressure stones, specially prepared for this operation. This quantity of weight is a serious weight like 1/3 of the olives in the pools. The aim is that the bitterness of the olive is left in the water and the unique taste of the olive is revealed with pressure and flavored by time.

Besides, the salt percentage of the water and olives in the pool are controlled periodically with the special equipment. After the first placed olive, the salt percentages decrease significantly by time. The aim is to reveal the intense taste of the olive, make it edible and ensure that it’s less salty. The ripe olive is barely flavored in the olive pools for a long time like 6 months and it becomes ready to eat.

After all these operations, the olives that are placed into the pools, have a wastage of 20%. The reason of the wastage is the operation of disposal of the bitter water with pressure mentioned above. 10 kg of unprocessed olive becomes 8 kg of flavored olive, which is ready to eat. Briefly, Ripe Olive is the most delicious, durable and costly olive type that arrives to our tables by passing through many difficult operations.

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