Healing That Comes with The Olive

Healing That Comes with The Olive

Healing That Comes with The Olive

Olive is not only a food that decorates our breakfast tables but also a source of healing conventionally known for centuries. It’s known by everyone that the olive, on which the supreme creator swore in the Koran, is the cure for lots of various diseases. Besides, it’s certain with the scientific researches that the healing source is not only the olive itself, also its leaves, seed, oil and tree are good for many diseases.  

If we focus on the olive leaves, we can list many benefits of them including balancing the diabetes, loosing weight and healing cholesterol when the olive leaves are boiled and drunk. It’s said by the experts that it helps the person to continue his/her daily life by regulating the balance of insulin in the body and be more healthy; if it’s drunk regularly, it helps to lose weight and burn the fat in the body as it’s an appetite suppressant due to its bitter taste. The truth is that our health is important than anything. Our suggestion is that you should first search for a medical cure and you should consult your doctor. Then you can also try the other alternatives under the supervision of the doctor.

Thanks to the scientific researches realized in the recent years, it’s possible to learn from the televisions and newspapers everyday how useful and healing the olive, olive oil, olive leaves and olive tree are as a nutrient.

First of all, it’s known by everyone that the olive is a blessed food on which the supreme creator swore in the Koran. There are so many myths and stories telling that the olive has come from the period of Adam until today.

The most common one is this; One day, Adam feels a great pain in his body. He tells it to his supreme creator. He asks for healing. The supreme creator sends him a tree with Gabriel, his angel of revelation. Gabriel tells Adam to eat the fruit of this tree and to squash it because there is a cure in it that can heal all kind of pains. The tree that Gabriel has brought that day on earth is the olive tree, which cures many of our diseases and one of our main nutrient supplies.

Also the Christians believe that the doors of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and the cross on which Jesus was crucified were made of the olive tree. As it’s seen, the olive and olive tree are not only sacred and precious for the Muslims, the olive and the olive tree are also deemed very precious and sacred in the other religions.

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