Black And Green Olive Trees

Black And Green Olive Trees

Black olives and green olives trees are different from each other?
Black Olive and Green Olive trees are not different from each other.Two trees are olive trees.It is possible to buy green olives if black olives are desired if desired from the same tree.The olive tree has different varieties like other fruits.Producing green olives in some olive trees and black olives in some of them is a big factor in the fact that the harvest will be healthy and abundant in that year.Olives enter different colors as they mature.In each period the color of the fruit is replaced by colors which are completely opposite to each other.
To summarize, the olive fruit, which is green first, gets a color like lemon yellow.The olive with the lemon yellow color is transported to the factory to be collected and processed by the farmers and these olives, which have the lemon yellow color, are transformed into different flavors like boiled pepper and filling.Also, if the olives collected are not processed as table but processed as fat, the first harvest time is collected and the olives with the lemon juice are called early harvest.So the oil from the first crop is early harvest fat.Some farmers do not harvest olives after the lemon yellow color.
The olive tree with the lemon yellow color starts to turn into a purple color as the olives are kept in the tree.The olives collected at this stage can still be considered as scratched olives.In this phase, the olives which are not collected in the tree are dark red and black colored.The olives to be evaluated in black olives must be checked.It looks for meat and meat of black olives from the trees if they are seen to be white in color which means that the need to wait for some time for the harvest.In black processing, black olive must have a dark pink color.
The farmers know this time well and the olive will stay on the tree for a while.After a short time, the olives begin to turn dark red, and this is the time for black olive production.In short, when the black color is processed into the olive, it is time for the olive to become suitable for black olive production.There is actually no difference between green olives and black olives.Green Olives Olives are the first time they are born as a fruit in the tree. Black Olives show the most mature end times of olives.

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