An Olive Story

An Olive Story

It is a nation that cares for breakfast without gratitude.Think of it as a fragrant butter homemade cheeses from the garden fres fresh from our own hands and tomatoes and peppersThe only thing missing form such a breakfast table is that it is not only the olive that grows in the Aegean but the most fertile fruit of the Aegean.The life expectancy of such a breakfast will allow us to begin the spirit of peace and the day more vigorous and energetic.It’ll be nice in the morning with the olives.

Olives is a perfect flavor that has come to our table with the same sincerity as our uncles and our aunts have gathered and processed the smell of wood and village.The olives is a country that smells like homeland.Olives oil is a breeze coming from the country with olives.It is an excellent taste that makes our breakfast colorful.Olives is the most incarnation of emotions such as simplicity,humility and beauty.Olive means peace,olive means labor,and olive means abundance.Sometimes we breathe in the shade of the tree,sometimes we can resolve our resentment,the peace envoy,the olive and olive tree.Olive is the simplicity of olive is olive health and flavor.Since the flood of Noah,Olive is known for its unifying feature.

It’s rumored that ;

The Prophet of Noah was given orders by the wound.According to the order given,each animal is ordered to take seven evil from each of the two birds,including females and males.With the Prephet Noah,the believers and the number of animals commanded by Allah are aboard.And the flood begins.The flood is so violent that it will last for days.In time,Noah understands that the flood is gradually decreasing,and the prophet will send a white pigeon from the ship.He wants the pigeon to look around and bring news.The pigeon flies all over the place and returns to the ship after a certain time,but there is an olive branch in his mouth.Then it is clear that the flood is over and everything is back to normal.From that day on,the White Pigeon and olive branch have been the symbol of simplicity and beauty of peace.

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Coşar Zeytincilik

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